The TRIDEC HD-O axle suspension has been specially developed for off-road applications such as agriculture, forestry and road building. Due to the large spring travel in all directions, together with the high, horizontal roll axis, this axle suspension is very well suited for off-road applications.

The TRIDEC HD-O axle suspension makes it possible to clamp a rigid or swivel axle into a tow bar. The tow bar is attached to the chassis by a ball joint supported on rubber bearings. This ball joint absorbs the braking forces and braking moments and dampens the vibrations. To spare the axle, the tow bar and the axle together form a triangle. This prevents the axle and/or the tow bar from bending when the vehicle drives over holes or against obstacles. Special hydraulic cylinders are used as a spring element. The lateral forces are absorbed by a Panhard rod. The roll centre of our suspension is exactly level with the centre of the central ball joint. As a result, when multi-axle versions are used a horizontal roll axis is created that is situated high up and therefore close to the centre of gravity of the load. This prevents rolling and the chassis is spared, since no torsional forces are transmitted. This also makes a torsionally rigid structure possible.

The TRIDEC HD-O axle suspension is easy to install, since all parts are pre-mounted as a unit. The geometry of the axle suspension is thereby laid down. The unit need then only be fastened into the bearing structure of the chassis.

The TRIDEC HD-O system is low-maintenance: maintenance is limited to checking a few bolt connections and visually inspecting the hydraulic components. This is possible because high-quality materials and a durable construction are used. For example, all hinge points have a maintenance-free rubber bearing.

TRIDEC has an innovative engineering department which is responsible for the entire technical preparation and processing of your order. On the basis of construction recommendations, TRIDEC is able to provide a customised system for your chassis. For instance, a construction can be made that has a non-standard height and width, specifically in line with your customer's wishes and the technical possibilities.


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