The TRIDEC TP-O has been developed for extremely heavy transport. This half-shaft suspension can be supplied in combination with an HF-E steering system, enabling steering angles of up to 70 degrees to be achieved. As a result, vehicles can be made for highly specialised tran-sport uses with a coupling load of up to 45 tons and a total axle load of up to 100 tons. The TP-O distinguishes itself in the market by extremely large spring travel and swing-ability.

The TRIDEC HD-O axle suspension is easy to install, since all parts are pre-mounted as a unit. The geometry of the axle suspension is thereby laid down. The unit need then only be fastened into the bearing structure of the chassis.

The TRIDEC HD-O system is low-maintenance: maintenance is limited to checking a few bolt connections and visually inspecting the hydraulic components. This is possible because high-quality materials and a durable construction are used.


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