The TRIDEC LV-O independent suspension is an advanced suspension that offers more loading space in a trailer. The suspension is easy to mount into the chassis construction, all components are pre-mounted.

The unique construction, and the fact that there are no axle beams between the wheels, makes it possible to have the trailer floor as low as 300 mm from the ground. This gives the possibility to produce a double cargo deck, each deck being 1.80 metre high in a trailer where the total height is 4 meters. The total load volume is more than 100 cubic meters. When the trailer width is 2550 mm, it is possible to place two pallets between the wheels. The wheels do not protrude out of the vehicle at any time. Mounting an LV-O independent suspension is very easy because TRIDEC can supply you with a complete wheel box.

Mounting a wheel box saves production time and reduces unnecessary engineering. All the supports and brackets required to mount the LV-O have been prefabricated and mounted by TRIDEC. All you have to do is decide upon the width of the trailer you require. Wheel alignment is done by simply turning the two adjustment bolts after which the system can be fastened into place.

TRIDEC has invested in engineering the LV-O independent suspension. The system has been put through arduous testing. A guarantee of two years is given on the

Where can the LV-O be used?
The most popular use for the LV-O is for double deck trailers. This has to do with wishing to increase the load capacity. Double deck trailers can load 55 euro pallets. Other uses for the LV-O are the transport of glass and concrete slabs. The LV-O is used for the transportation of cars, boats and is being used in still city transport for the distribution of drinks etc. The uses for an LV-O are limitless.


  • Distance between the axles is 1310 mm

  • A distance between the wheels of 1620 mm without protruding tyres

  • Simple assembly

  • Alignment of the wheels is easy

  • Eenvoudige uitlijning

  • 2 Different types of tyres can be used 385/65R22.5 and the 385/55R22.5

  • 2 Years guarantee

Maintenance on the LV-O independent suspension is simple since all components are of the highest quality and are pre-mounted. Bearings have been engineered for endurance and are therefore resistant to corrosion and dirt. The bearing has been constructed in such a way that maintenance is not necessary. The LV-O requires a minimum of maintenance.

Technical specifications

Maximal suspension bound

150 mm

Maximal suspension rebound

190 mm


385/65R22.5 of 385/55R22.5

Maximal axle load

9000 kg

Weight per wheel box

612 kg *

Weight per LV-O axle

660 kg *

Axle distance

1310 mm

*) depending on the model


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