The TRIDEC independent wheel suspension HF-O is an advanced steered wheel suspension that makes it possible to create more load space in a trailer. This independent wheel suspension makes possible a low loading platform, so that a single-decker semi-trailer without lorry loader or a double-decker semi-trailer can be achieved. By combining the HF-O wheel suspension with a progressive steering system, the trailer is made highly manoeuvrable and therefore well suited for distribution. The system is easy to install, since all parts are pre-mounted as a unit.

Thanks to the unique construction and absence of axle housings between the wheels, a floor height of approx. 320 mm can be achieved. It is thus possible to create two loading compartments each 1.80 metres high within a total trailer height of 4 metres, thereby providing space to load 50 Euro pallets 1.75 m in height. Constructions with a kneeling system are also within the field of application, so that the loading platform can be lowered down to road level by means of the air suspension.

The TRIDEC HF-O wheel suspension is easy to install, since all parts (such as air bellows and shock absorbers) are pre-mounted as a unit. The geometry of the system is therefore already laid down at TRIDEC. The unit need then only be fastened into the trailer's bearing structure.

The TRIDEC HF-O wheel suspension requires the minimum of maintenance, since high-quality materials and bearing constructions are used which are not sensitive to dirt or corrosion. The wheel suspension contains no U-bolts or shackle pin bushes. No maintenance is therefore required to tighten the bolt connections or to replace the shackle pin bushes. There are also no spring leaves that can crack or break. The HF-O wheel suspension is thus low-maintenance.

TRIDEC has an innovative engineering department which is responsible for the entire technical preparation and processing of your order. On the basis of construction recommendations, TRIDEC is able to provide a customised system for your chassis. For instance, a construction can be made that has a non-standard height and width, specifically in line with your customer's wishes and the technical possibilities.


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