Forced Steering

Technical data

Forced steering for mounting on a ball hitch insert or a Ladder rail

Mounting kit

ROE 70 L052 right

ROE 70 L053 left

ROE 74 L026 both sides


for installation at ROCKINGER ball hitch insert 825A10, 825A12, 825A23, 825A30, 825A36


Mounting kit

ROE 74 L018 right

ROE 74 L019 left

ROE 74 L023 both sides


for ladder rail 880K0104C on John Deere 6000, 7000, and 8000


Mounting kit

ROE 74 L021 left

ROE 74 L022 right


for ladder rail 880L14000 and 880 L 17000 for JCB Fastrac 8000 and MBtrac

Additional forced steering available


Spare parts:

Ball 50 mm hitch ROE 75 L043

fastening latch complete ROE 75 L044

Ball calotte 50

ROE 57 L012



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