Repair kits fifth wheel couplings

SK 3121-60 Z - Repair kit for lock

Item Description Parts
01 Socket head bolt 4
02 Mounting ring 1
03 Wearing part 1
10 Lubrication tube, complete 1
13 Tension spring 1
14 Lock jaw, complete 1
15 Bolt 1
23 Hexagon bolt, complete 1


Technical customer service can help you further

We have put the repair kits together with the greatest of care. If you should have any problems with installation or any parts of the repair kit are missing despite this, technical customer service can help you directly. You can call us between 8:00am and 5:00pm. If you send us an e-mail, we will contact you straight away. Please remember to give us your telephone number and the times you are available, if applicable.

Phone: +49 6102 295-0 

email: tkd-technik (at)



Repair kit for lock JSK37 CW / ME140W

Repair kit for lock JSK37 CW / ME140W



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