SKS (Sensor coupling system)

SKS Plate mounting

Advantages at a glance


  • Three sensors for optimum safety when connecting
  • A sensor permanently monitors the locking position and displays it in the driver’s cabin
  • A second sensor controls the position of the king pin
  • A third sensor displays the correct coupling height in the driver’s cab
  • Additional locking mechanism check and increased safety even in poor visibility
  • The fifth wheel coupling can still be operated mechanically


  • Using the remote control unit in the cab, the lock can be opened simply at the push of a button
  • Unnecessary shunting and fiddling become a thing of the past 
  • The pneumatic mechanism of the lock enables the fifth wheel coupling to be opened effortlessly at all times, even when the tractor/trailer unit is under tension

Technical Specification

The sensor coupling system complies with the following directives / standards: ECE R55-01 – class G50, DIN 74081, ISO3842, in this version 
and/or ECE R55-01 for directive 72/245/EEC.



Before installing SKS, please make sure that electric and air connections are available.

Selection table / Versions available

Order No. Pedestal Approval (ECE) Mounting high H (mm) Weight (kg) WA
JSK42 K0 20 49 AA DIN e1-1CR-03-3838 150 133.0 Z
JSK42 K0 20 51 AA DIN e1-1CR-03-3838 150 132.0 W
JSK42 K0 38 49 AA DIN e1-1CR-03-3838 185 131.0 Z
JSK42 K0 38 51 AA DIN e1-1CR-03-3838 185 130.0 W
JSK42 K0 57 49 AA DIN e1-1CR-03-3838 225 136.0 Z
JSK42 K0 57 51 AA DIN e1-1CR-03-3838 225 135.0 W
JSK42 K0 70 49 AA DIN e1-1CR-03-3838 250 140.0 Z
JSK42 K0 70 51 AA DIN e1-1CR-03-3838 250 139.0 W



Also available for additional models in the JSK 42 series






Mounting and Operating Instructions
SKS Sensor coupling system 02/2006    
SKS Sensor coupling system 04/2005    
SKS LubeTronic Safety and Convenience 09/2010  


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