Safety and convenience

Coupling systems from JOST employ cutting edge electronic technology to increase safety and comfort. Three variations are currently available to handle different demands:

KKS is the groundbreaking automatic coupling system from JOST. The tried and tested components – the JSK 42 fifth wheel coupling and the Modul telescopic landing gear – form a complete system that offers our clients many advantages. The coupling process has been automated and the locking position is constantly controlled. All systemcomponents are electronically actuated. A gradual introduction of KKS into mixed fleets of vehicles is also possible, of course.

In the SKS sensor coupling system, three sensors constantly monitor the status of the fifth wheel coupling. The coupling is opened comfortably and in a time-saving manner using a remote control in the driver’s cab.

During sensor coupling, the locking position is also constantly controlled by sensors and displayed via remote display in the driver’s cabin.




Mounting and Operating Instructions
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Repair kits
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