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The HC range has a capacity of 9,8 up to 74 Tm. Like the HB version, these cranes have a knuckle boom.

Benefits are:

- Standard Radio Controls

- Standard LAS: Lift Rod Articulating System

- Standard TCU: Total Control Unit from model HC151

The cranes also have a number of special features as a standard:

- EES: Extra Extension Speed

This is a special regenerative valve which re-uses hydraulic oil during extension, ensuring high speed without compromising the safety of the crane.  

- SDS: Smooth Decent System

This system compensates for boom oscillisation, ensuring smooth movement of the load

- TCU: Total Control Unit

This is a monitoring unit to control all aspects of the crane's operation including 

- Stability control

- Routine maintenance

- On-line diagnostics

- Load control

- Winch/jib control

- Attachments control

- Trouble shooting

- Data storage

- LCS: Lift Control System

          LCS increases the capacity of the crane by 10%. It also reduces the speed of the crane when it  
          is near maximum capacity.

- LAS: Lift Rod Articulating System

          Thanks to the connecting rods, the lifting capacity of the crane is constant in all boom positions



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