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Hyva Cranes offers you a wide product range, all cranes are produced in state of the art production facilities with dedicated research and development teams who are supported by the most advanced CAD equipment on the market today.   

HA range
The HA range consists of the T-shaped cranes with a capacity of 1 up to 10 Tm.

HB range 

The HB range has a capacity of 2,7 up to 43.2 Tm

Unlike the HA version, these cranes have a knuckle boom.

The HB range up to 8,1 Tm is available with remote controls


Benefits are:

- Easy to operate

- Excellent price/quality ratio

- Use of high strength steel

HC range
The HC range has a capacity of 9,8 up to 74 Tm. Like the HB version, these cranes have a knuckle boom.


Benefits are:

- Standard Radio Controls

- Standard LAS: Lift Rod Articulating System

- Standard TCU: Total Control Unit from model HC151

The cranes also have a number of special features as a standard:

- EES: Extra Extension Speed

This is a special regenerative valve which re-uses hydraulic oil during extension, 
ensuring high speed without compromising the safety of the crane


- SDS: Smooth Decent System

This system compensates for boom oscillisation, ensuring smooth movement of the load


- TCU: Total Control Unit

This is a monitoring unit to control all aspects of the crane's operation including 

- Stability control

- Routine maintenance

- On-line diagnostics

- Load control

- Winch/jib control

- Attachments control

- Trouble shooting

- Data storage


- LCS: Lift Control System

          LCS increases the capacity of the crane by 10%. It also reduces the speed of the crane when it  
          is near maximum capacity.


- LAS: Lift Rod Articulating System

          Thanks to the connecting rods, the lifting capacity of the crane is constant in all boom positions



Rolloader cranes

Kennis Rolloader cranes increase the efficiency of your transport activities. The crane is characterised by an optimum operation speed and is able to drive with the load along the trailer. We are providing innovative solutions with durable constructions without compromising safety or speed. The philosophy behind our products is based upon durability and a long life span.


Pallet forks

Efficient handling of many different kinds of loads in an economic way. Available in two capacities 2500 kg and 4000kg.  


The range of Kennis clamps is suitable for different applications. From the light weight Junior Brick clamp to the Power Vario Brick clamp which is width adjustable from 680 mm up to 1220mm. All clamps have a special rubber and slim line clamp legs.


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