1. Cove former 

Position the cove former













2. installation

Fix the floorcovering to the cove former. It is recommended to heat the floorcovering if difficult to bend.







Finish the angle with a brass pressure ball.         







Welds in internal, external angles and coves.

NOTE: The floorcovering should extended up the wall to 10 cm minimum riser. It is recommended to bond the flooring at junction and the cove former with neoprene adhesive.

 3. Finishes

In order to avoid moisture infiltration at the upper edge of a floorcovering bonded along a vertical wall, we strongly recommend to:

- Apply a mastic sealant, on the upper edge of the floorcovering ;

- Cover the upper edge of the floorcovering with an aluminium profile, by 2cm minimum.







NOTE: in case of cleaning with a water jet, the previous procedure is compulsory.



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